Blender and comic strips

Hello Blender Artists. haven’t been here for a long time because I had no practical use for the software other than making animations for my own viewing pleasure. The usual problems with animation projects - hugely time consuming, high skill and best done by a team but then the egos come into play and in particular with regards to creative control. In the end I found I couldn’t afford the time and manque à gagner as the French say which is basically the dollar value of the time wasted on projects that never return a cent and might only be viewed by friends and family. Anyways - had fun and learned a lot including about people and recently have started using Blender again but as a replacement for the springy wooden dolls of old. I find it a great time saver when creating comic strips which is something I love doing and would do even for zilch dollars. Currently penciling a 100 page cyberpunk style story due for completion by the end of this year. 3D might not have been ‘my thing’ after all but was worth looking into.
Recently I got the ‘please check out our new BlenderArtists 2.0’ email and so here I am checking it out and so far have found it’s pretty much same-same as the old forum, I mean like everyone appears to be having fun which is awesome (don’t we just love that word?) but not much in it for me. Cheers and best wishes for creative success to all.

Well, you could use and adapt Grease Pencil to your and community’s awe$ome advantage :wink:

Thanks Burnin. I wouldn’t know - I never used Grease pencil. Checked it out years ago and didn’t find it to be something I needed. I believe it has been extended and improved but am happy using Krita and especially since they have improved a few things such as their Text tool which previously was as awesome as useless. Aside from that I find Krita with its templates, huge range of available brushes, etc the application of choice for making comic strips . Maybe Grease Pencil is better in 2D animation - again I wouldn’t know.


I assumed so, why i mentioned it. Experiencing it is up to you. As you like.

Otherwise using Blender for comics i feel is as with any other 3d DCC tool - to help block out & conceptualize environment, form in 3d with illustration process illustration process. Getting things faster and easier done in perspective. Here, Grease Pencil over basic 3D shapes is my favorite.

Done a few comics back in the days, before i dived into working with computer. Mainly to present a concept story (act and consequence). Nowadays i rarely draw, but when i do, i usually go the way i mentioned - block out the form then draw & bash over stylistically. I like sketchy, raw stuff.

Totally agree with you on the sketchy raw stuff and my process is similar to yours when I do use Blender to assist with a tricky perspective problem but having said that, again I find the result is always better when I make the effort to work things out the old fashioned way. That being hand-sketched figures and perspective grid. I suppose it’s because using a computer application locks the brain in set processes but pencil and paper - even digital - allows instinct and imagination. With drawing and I mean like charcoal and rough paper, I think it’s something all artists should do and often and even Luke Ahearn in chapter one of his book ‘3D Game Textures’, insists all aspiring professional digital artists should start by going to art school before worrying about all the tech stuff. Cheers.