Blender and Computer Crashing

I have had some trouble with my computer crashing. While I was rendering an animation my mother board blew a capaciter. I replaced the mother board and then when I started blending again. The computer locked up again.

In the last 6 months that I have been using the current system. Athlon 800 megahertz, 384 megs of ram, running SuSE linux 7.3. Never crashes then the mother board goes. And again it freezes while in Blender.

Is it possible that a blender files as they grow tax the CPU more? Is there some sort of limit on it?

Or am I just paranoid because I happen to be using blender when the crashes occur?

It blew a capacitor ? I seriously doubt that’s a software issue. If I was you I would check your powersupply, grounds, etc… to avoid any future losses. Having Blender crash is one thing, but blowing electronic components…that’s another.