blender and crystal space

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then it would be simple… lol can’t have that… you should ask in the game section… I think a few people have got it working… mmph might know?

Hmmm i think you dont understand what crystalspace is?
Its nothing like the blender out of the box gamekit.

Crystalspace is a SDK, a collection of libraries and helperclasses to implement in a pice of code. You can use crystalspace to code your own 3D Widget. Its nothing you install and run. You code, implement and compile. :wink:

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I spend some hours with it myself and it is horrible to install (especially on Ubuntu: the precompiled Crystal Space package is outdated and the source code install script can’t find your ZLIB/PNG/JPEG libraries). However, crystalspace DOES contain an out-of-the box Python gamekit called CELstart, nicely precompiled for most platforms. Look on the blender2crystal page on how to install it. You have to be technical enough to set environmental variables, but that’s all.

For developing games with Blender and CS, I think you need CS (for the core API), CEL (for adding logic etc. to make an actual game), B2CS (to export some logic and all models from Blender), CELStart (to execute the game containing CEL logic). You also need patience and the ability to decode technical guides ;).

I managed to get a basic walkthrough working using the portal tutorial on the B2CS site, and it is quite powerful. A little under-documented though. I’d advise thoroughly exploring all the relevant sites and reading as much as you can about how it works and how it’s connected. Maybe when Apricot is released some of the tutorials will help? (I’m hoping)

Edit: CS doesn’t have GLSL support, but will suport ARB shaders (old, I think) and Cg (Read more here). Cg is a shader language that can be compiled to both GLSL(OpenGL) and HLSL(DirectX)

I’ve experimented a bit with crystalspace and got it running on linux. But i think it would be easier to start with celstart if you not want to write in c. There are celstart binarys on their page.
As of b2c i got it kind of workin, but you might have to manipulate xml files :frowning:
and i did not find a way around an anoying alpha error.
But apart from that nice engine, runs extremly fast even with my rather bad drivers here… even with paralay mapping through arb shaders.(more lowlevel than glsl i think)

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Hey Guys,

In that case about the Cg shaders in Crystal Space you will want to check out FX Composer 2.5 by Nvidia because it comes with Mental Mill Artistic Edition which lets you make Cg shaders from just nodes and it creates the code for you.  You can also import Objs etc.  This will make you life so much easier than trying to code all this stuff.  If you are a programmer then they have great tools for tweaking it in the Nvidia Composer part.  Cg shaders are awesome its what the Playstation 3 uses and several top level graphics apps.  

FX Composer 2.5 with Mental Mill Artist Edition:

Nate Nesler

WOW! That’s going to come in REALLY handy! Thanks!

It fully confused me too. I tried Ogre3d as well, but that was even more of a headache.

I ended up trying Irrlicht, and it was easy enough to get working in Linux. I am a beginner, but I don’t know why compiling a set of tools has to be harder than learning C++. :spin: