Blender and Daz Studio

DAZ studio works with Blender? i’m on Linux , but if DAZ doesn’t support it, then also no problem, because I have WINE, but does it work with blender?

I didnt use poser software before, so it will be my first try.
And is DAZ actually free? :stuck_out_tongue: In their site, there is written FREE cutting throught the price… I wonder they got opensource or what :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure atm; they do periodically let folks buy it for zero dollars.

You could try it; after you’ve downloaded the install .exe just place it in the corresponding wine section - program files (depending on windows version you’re emulating).

It is possible to export models for use in blender; how useful they are, I don’t know.

Yes, DAZ is free. I also run on Ubuntu and I emulate DAZ in Linux, I use Crossover Linux though to do it (which is built on Wine). DAZ also has an export setting for Blender to get the scaling closer to correct, it’s still a mess though and I fudge numbers. Also be sure to check “Collect Maps” and move them out of the folder to the root of the export, and Blender will have no problems.

Oh that’s great ^^ I just got confused because they cut out the price, so thought maybe it’s a limited offer or something :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice!