Blender and dial box?

Can a dial box be used with Blender? I have searched and found no answer. Any help appreciated.


What is a dial box? Care to explain? A link, maybe?

I can’t find a picture…yet.


not if you can’t configure the dials to send keypress to Blender.


Sounds nice though.

Blender used to work with a dial box, but
doesn’t currently. You might want to talk
to SkyWriter about this – he has used a
dial box in the past and is planning to
do an sgi-only blender fork (and this is
probably a feature he will include in his


That’s what I wanted to hear. While I am not a programmer, I would be quite willing to do most anything I’m asked on/with my Octane.

I have an OLD HP-UX machine I could use for testing also.