Blender and dual monitors in Linux

I’m having some problems with running blender correctly when using two monitors (desktop stretched to second monitor) in Linux. Blender always opens so that the window occupies both screens (as I suppose it should do), but the problem is that the window is completely"empty" in the second monitor. Actually the whole window is just see through: I can see all the windows “behind” Blender but I cannot select them. When I run with “Blender -w” I see the window frames of Blender in the second monitor, but everything else is transparent.
Anyone know how to fix this? Or can I open Blender so that it automatically uses only one monitor (that is running in windowed mode (-w) but making the window full screen)?
I did a quick search on the forums but couldn’t find a thread about this.

What kind of video card are you running… and which drivers are you using.

Blind guess: You’re using DRI drivers that only allow 3D acceleration on a single head… so the second head gets nothing (at least, nothing from Blender).

Ah, that might be true.
indeed I’m using DRI drivers while my video card is Intel GMA 900 (integrated, i915 chipset). This card didn’t have full DRI/DRM support until kernel 2.6.12 and I’m running older one. So it seems that I am facing kernel update (oh no, my precious uptime is gone :wink: )

Thanks for the help.