blender and future linux distros, which ones?

hi everyone,
i m one of those who are in mid of shifting from other 3d apps (max/maya) to belnder.
also leaving from windows to linux (currently ubuntu)
recently i have seen few new / upcoming linux distros


what i have seen / understand from website readings

ubuntu studio is towards general multimedia stuff where as remaining two has lots of focus on animation production / 3d art creation.
just wanted to ask your thoughts in general.
anyone using ubuntu will consider migration.??
if yes, which one??

When it comes down to it most of more popular Linux dis are same. So any app that is available for Ubuntu Studio can probably be installed on any other Linux dis.

Yeah, I’d stick to a ‘major’ distro so when you run into trouble you have a lot larger community to call upon for help which pretty much means either Ubuntu or Fedora.

If you’re using Ubuntu now then there’s really no reason to change. The way I see it, other than a few small differences between distros it really comes down to which window manager you prefer since they all cross polinate each other and pull from the same sources.