Blender and Game Modelling

Is there anyway to convert blender files into game model files like half-life and quake?

yep! but only model like vehicule, character etc… save your model in .dxf (all the part of your model must be a single mesh). The go download 3d exploration ( I think…) and open your .dxf in it then press files and save as: choose the format of halflife mode or quake model. and after …I dont know how to put it in the game…

there site’s gone under and turned into one of those extremely annoying portals. blech. somebody shoot those people. please.

ok so go there: (the only other that I know that have the link…) click on 3D Exploration 1.5(trial version). hope this help!

Thanks a lot guys

If you want to get UV mapped texture data out of blender you can get the open inventor script to export to Open Inventor.

I have modified the following script to work in Blender 2.2x (but not publisher):

you can get my modified version here:

Just load the script into Blender and run it and the script will export the mesh info as well as uv texture data. 3D Exploration can understand Open Inventor format and you can convert it to 3DS, OBJ or to any other format you’d like from 3D Exploration. This is the only reliable method I’ve found for exporting texture data out of Blender so far. I’d love to hear it if someone has found a better way to get blender into 3ds or obj! :slight_smile: