Blender and GIMP Question

Would it be possible to create a GIMP node in Blender? This node would allow you to use the GIMP effects and filters with the texture and render nodes in Blender.

A better approach would be to build support for verse into gimp so that you could use gimp and see the changes update in real time within blender.

They’re working on a Verse plugin to Gimp; see the verse mailing list for discussion. Well, a plugin exists but it has poor performance; it looks like patching Gimp itself is the only solution at the moment unfortunately.

Thanks guys for the response.

Would this allow you to use the GIMPs effects and filters in Blender or just make changes to the textures in real time.

I guess what my goal is, to be able to use the GIMP effects and filters in the UV Image editor, Sequencer and the Textures. Basically, make a free version of After Effects with 3D capabilities. To do this you would have to run GIMP within Blender. Use the Blender interface but be working with GIMP. The output of each change to an image or sequence would be a node in the noodles; as well as, each layer of the image would be a texture node in the noodles. The idea is complete integration of GIMP with Blender. You would still have to download and install both programs; you would just tell Blender where GIMP is then Blender would use it. I am workin on a much more discriptive list of what I am proposing as a feature request; once I have that done, in the next few weeks or months, I will upload it.

Please tell me if I am on the right track.

Gimp speaks python, jesterKing has python nodes almost done, ergo via python you should be able to do a gimp node.


Thanks Guys.