Blender and human characters

Hi everybody,

while browsing through the finished work part of the forum, I just noticed, that there are very few human characters.

I’m asking myself (since I really like computer rendered characters) why ?

Is it too difficult? Or are the tools blender has not sufficient? Or maybe are here very few character modellers?

What do you think?

Human characters are the hardest thing to model, and yet often the most interesting. i think the primary problem is in the difficulty. when you visit CGtalk or somewhere, there are plenty of human characters but they spend sooo much time on their works compared to most of the stuff I see at elysiun. The tools blender has are plenty sufficient… I can follow most character tutorials written for max or maya easily. Also, you can check out MakeHuman for scripted human generation.

lets check in the wip forum first page : (head) (head) (my own)

6 out of 29, not bad at all.

But as Talion said, modelling the human figure is among the hardest things you can find in CG, and quite a long task. So of course, they stay longer in wip stage, and you find less of them in finished forum, but they appear regularly.

Many of the blender community are both young and users for fun, so they aim for simpler jobs, less than 10h work for example. You cannot do a human in that time.