Blender and Intel(R) HD graphics

I got a small PC with atom z3735f and windows 8.
First time i started the PC, blender worked OK, but a bit slow.
Now i updated something and openGL is not working any more, blender UI window only updates if i maximize or minimize the window. The same happens with any openGL application.

Is there any way to solve this? I tried TitaniumGL wrapper, it worked but only “emulates” openGL 1.2 or something like that…


Hi, sometimes Windows update broke GPU driver.
Try to install original driver fro Intel for your system.
These Atom systems are not really suitable for 3D work.

Cheers, mib

Windows themes were messing with openGL, I had to set the original aero theme for openGL to update correctly.

Blender is now running quite fast, modelling and gui are as fast as on my other intel I3 PC.
Moving objects around the viewport runs very smooth (60 fps) with glsl active (lights, shadows, bump mapping…).

The game engine is not running very well, it shows 30 fps or less, and it runs a bit choppy.
Just once I saw it running smooth at 60 fps, But i could not reproduce the settings…

Is there any clue to improve game ebgine performance? I noticed some antialiasing effect and some other things i could not dissable.

Thanks a lot.

Atoms are only for 3d modelling works. If you want to render, try npr render. Simple scenes can be rendered without any problem.

I used a low end laptop when my PC hard disk crashed so I know.

This is solved!.

New intel drivers were released, and that improved performance.
Then i had to turn of antialiasing in the blender render properties, so that the GE does not use AA.
I also disabled “Ramps” and “Nodes” in blender glsl settings.

Games are running now very smooth in this atom cpu.