Blender and landscapes?(Beginner here with questions)

Hey, I’m a complete newbie/beginner at using 3D modeling programs and a friend suggested that i use Blender, what I’d like to do for practice is (first learn what the heck each button does) try to create a landscape but I’m wondering if it is possible and if there would be any Step by step tutorials.

I’m a visual + hands-on learner, I have to see what is being done and do it myself also.

Welcome. Enjoy the Ant Landscape add on:

Oooh that looks pretty nice. I’ll definitely have fun being confused by it lol
Much thanks :smiley:

Would you or anyone know any in depth tutorials for stuff including: Character modeling, random objects like detailed bridges and boxes. or just general button features and possible examples of how to get familiar with them? :smiley:

I appreciate any and all help given thanks!

CGCookie is owned by the same folks who own this site. It’s a great site for tutorials. Start with that link. There are a series of 7 getting started tutorials. I need to watch them myself sometime…

Here are some of my tutorials:

More tutorials:

Here are some free textures of mine:

:smiley: thanks again. i’ll try getting good at using it and post some projects too sometime.

Double posting to re-use topic.

Would there happen to be any guides Recorded, or typed about how to zoom in/out and easier ways to rotate the screen? cause I’m having a really awful time just placing a Plane on the screen and messing with it :confused:

I was trying to practice what i seen on a tutorial and i cant even do the first step because i’ve no idea how to properly control the rotation of the area.

Run to I owe him (and to the wonderful new UI of 2.5) the mental breakthru which made me at last learn Blender after several total failures.