Blender And Laptop Numpad Problem

hi , i am a blender user for over a year now
so i bought a laptop yesterday

and i need to go to front and side view and stuff

but laptops dont have Numpad :smiley:

so anyone know how to simulate it
i tried everything ( i think )

thx a lot

Your laptop should have a ‘function’ key or similar to enable extra functions on certain keys. Hold it down while pressing a button highlighted ‘NumLk’ - usually in a second colour. You can then use the letter keys similarly highlighted in the numeric keypad formation.

The problem with this is that you’ll have to exit numlock mode to use the keyboard shortcuts sharing those keys…

My preference is to keep numlock off and use the menu’s for arranging views.

There’s a way to do it in Blender.
The settings are in User Preferences (i icon) This window is already open by default at the top but hidden.

Put the cursor on the line between the 3d window and the top header.
When you see the double arrow, L-mouse + drag the line down to see the buttons. Go to System & OpenGL then click Emulate NumPad. Then drag the line back up and type Ctrl + U and confirm to save user defaults.

Wow, I never knew that! very handy… :slight_smile:

Now tell me how I can emulate MMB without having to hold ALT when I maybe already have to hold CTRL and SHIFT!!! It’s like playing Twister on your keyboard…! :o

Sorry, can’t help you there. :slight_smile:

Get a real mouse with 3 buttons and connect it to your laptop? :wink:

I just did that, and it feels great! :slight_smile:

I bought one of these external USB keypads the other day from Staples.
(You need to enter your zipcode to make it to the final page. Sorry - it’s how the Staples site works)

It isn’t good if you actually want to run your laptop in your LAP … but if you have a laptop more as a portable system then it is great. The one I have (which looks slightly different than the one pictured, but is also a Targus) has two more USB 1.1 ports on the back, so it’s perfect for plugging in the mouse and USB key drive as well.

Though, if you DO want to work in your lap then all of this goes out the window. You’re either using the FN-keypad combo (which is a pain) or setting it up to use the number pad across the top (then just using the GUI for layer access.)

Another option (not tried) is to use one of the keyboard hotkey/macro programs to assign your own keys that then simulate other keypresses. Not sure if it would work. Then you could map something like Windows-1 to be the same as numpad-1 (unless you have a Thinkpad - which has no Windows key).

Here’s how I do it, for an iBook, but it may be similar for you:

I often work on a train and have no surface for mousing.


I’ve been blending on a laptop for two years now and I’ve gotten so thoughly used to using ALT+LMB instead of MMB that it’s just second nature.

Just to let you know, it can be done!

thx for help guys :slight_smile:

it is indeed hard to use numpad and key shortcuts at same time

LOl playing twister on keyboard :smiley: :smiley:

sorry if i am posting on an old thread.
but RWV01, you have just saved me £10 for a usb numpad.

i am going to get myself back into blender. the first time i was just interested and had a look. but have been bingeing A LOT on manga and anime (2 that sent me over was ghost in rthe shell 2 and blood the last vampire, great films, just great), and have a burning urge to really teach myself how to use blender and implement it in my music.
but this for me is weekend training :slight_smile:

i have downloaded pretty much all the free tutorials (both video and pdf) i can and have even had someone post me a huge (800 pages) tutorial book which they originally payed for (i am so grateful), which i cant wait to get into.

but his keypad thing was getting to me big time, since one such tutorial straight away asks you to use the numpad to view in perspective or orthographic. uuurrrggghhh.

its good because i have a 5 hour train ride next week, so you’ll know what ill be doing then :slight_smile:

thanks again

lewis g. edwards