Blender and Laptops

Hi all
After three long years my old dell desktop computer decided to kick the bucket, tho a couple of days later I managed to get a new computer but it is a laptop. While I was waiting for Dell to ship it over hear to the UK I had a thought. You know laptops have those touch pads for mouses, I was wondering how good they are with Blender, like is it easier with a touch pad or a good old fashoned mouse. please reply before my 10 days of waiting is up.


It is true that using an actual mouse is a bit more efficient than a track pad (more space), and it is a little annoying to have to press Fn to use the number pad, but using Blender on laptop works just fine for me.

works great! it is imposable to model without a proper 3 button mouse

You may wish to consider a USB mouse and keyboard if you have the ports available. These work just fine on my lappy.

Or at least a separate numeric keys block. Even helpful at the desktop as you can the viewport controls directly by your left hand.

it’s possible - it’s just obnoxiously hard

i have a 3 button USB mouse on my laptop and its great

Yeh, thats the way to go. I do all my blender work on my laptop and its fine. U will need to get a 3 button mouse though, id suggest a wireless one. There pretty cheap these days.

And the only annoying thing for me is having to use Fn all the time to get the number pad. But you get used to it pretty quick.

I use a USB mouse on my laptop, AND a USB numeric keypad. I need both for effective blending.

My other accessories include a 500GB eSATA harddrive, and a big Lexicon soundcard. I don’t take all of that with me everywhere, but when I’m at home and at my desk, it’s a pretty effective setup.

Some 17" laptops have a real numpad on them, but that size isn’t ideal for me.

I would also recommend the laptop num pad python script. I’ve changed my default scene, and shortcuts to automatically load this in for me. That gets rid of the annoying Fn toggling, but it it is a little slower than having dedicated keys.

Basically that’s all I have for blender - a laptop (& I have no complaints).

Ive gotta get one of those. :yes:

To phrase it one way, I was trying to blend on my laptop and got frustrated, left class to go to best buy and bought a regular mouse. But, I did get lucky in that my laptop actually has a regular numpad :stuck_out_tongue: