Blender and LibreOffice

Does anyone know how I can save/export files so that I can insert them in a LibreOffice document? The default .blend format is not supported by LibreOffice.

In Blender 2.61 (Window/Vista) the range of export file formats does not include any which match those for LibreOffice.

Is there an extension/plug-in or third way of getting the finished graphic across?

Many Thanks.

Wendy Wilson

Well LibreOffice is 2D text/presentation software so I would be very surprised if you could load an entire 3D scene into it :stuck_out_tongue:

Just render out your work in Blender and import it as images/videos in LibreOffice.

In the rendered window choose Image / Save as image and that will save your render to disk. Then import the image n Libreoffice

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The easiest way is :
search for snipping tool in your programs, pin it in your windows bottom bar. (only for windows seven, but there are plenty of free softwares to do that).
When you have your render done in front of you, click on snipping tool, select the part of the screen you like, then paste that in libre office ;).

Easy, yes, but recommended? No. Some renders may be displayed at a resolution other than 100% so if you just take a screenshot you will get horrible results. Not to mention that you lose your alpha channel that way.

Just save your render as an image file like a normal person.

Well the aspect ratio isn’t going to change so the results won’t be different, you can just crop the render on the fly.
Of course you lose your alpha channel, he’s not doing compositing of saving exr files, just including an image in a text document.
“like a normal person”
Was not needed.
I was just proposing a simple drag n drop style solution, it’s really efficient when you have to include multiple images.