Blender and linux

Whats the difference between blender on windows and blender on linux. i’m thinking of migrating to Ubuntu linux and would i just need to download the appropriate version thanks in advanced

Ubuntu currently has 2.37a in the repositories. If you want 2.41 just download the version from the site and ‘unzip’ it.

I’ve got both versions as 2.41 doesn’t seem to work properly with bump mapping.

Doesn’t seem much difference in speed, maybe a bit faster in Linux.

Can’t minimize or resize Blender in Linux, instead have to change desktops by pushing Ctrl+Alt+right/left arrow.

you can minimize in linux if you do ./blender -w
This forces blender to open in a window.

Thanks, just noticed that instruction on the Blender site as well.

Used the configuration editor and changed the command to;

/usr/bin/blender-bin -w

And magically it opens as a normal window.

In Gnome to minimise all you need to do is press alt and f9 - used to work in Irix and probably does in Kde.

btw: Ubuntu has Blender 2.40 in the next version, dapper. So, you could update to dapper via apt-get by doing the following:

  • In /etc/apt/sources.list change “breezy” to “dapper”.
  • Perform an “apt-get update”
  • Install Blender: “apt-get install blender”
  • In /etc/apt/sources.list change “dapper” back to “breezy”.
  • Remove the new archives and load the old ones again: “apt-get clean” and “apt-get update” (unless you would like to update a few more packages).

Worked for me.
Unfortunately they don’t have Blender 2.41 yet.