Blender and Mac OS

Just changed from a Win laptop to a macbook pro. Can someone tell me where the Blender console window is located or how to get access to it ?


I don’t know much about Macs, but I assume that if you were to open Terminal, and run blender from there, that you’d then have a console, much like in Linux.

Actually the easiest way is from the Console application.

Just type in “Console” in Finder.

Guess what? Blender doesn’t show a console on mac. But if you do it the way egan said ( maaybe you don’t know here’s exactly what you gotta do )
Go into Terminal.
After you downloaded Blender you should have renamed it as simply blender2.48, and stuck the folder in applications.
(so back into Terminal)
type in:
cd ~/harddiskname(type your hard disk name here)/Applications/blender2.48

then blender will appear, and I think you’ll have console. (I have a Macbook Pro, but it’s down I’m getting a new Power Adapter so soon I’ll test this)

Guys i got the same problema nd i cant get it to work :S

hah, wait until you find where the script folder is buried :smiley:

The console is located in the Applications/Utilities folder. I can’t say that I’ve ever needed to see any of the messages that show there.

You’ll need this


On OSX and Linux there is no console window because they assume if you want that kind of information you would launch the application for a command prompt terminal. That’s only a Windows thing I think. Anyway why do you need the console for if its to get information as to what Blender is doing then you have to execute Blender from a terminal.

The issue is that depending on the build you get, you won’t get a simple executable. You will get an application bundle instead. Easiest way to open it with the terminal (depending on what version of OSX you use I think) is to go to the blender application bundle right click (or control-click) the package and say “Show Package Contents”, then go to contents->MacOS and you will see a file named blender there, right-click (or control-click) the file and you should see an option that says open with and choose terminal, that should execute blender from the terminal. You can also just double click the file and it should open in a terminal automatically as that is the default file association OSX should have for that type of executable.

Console and Terminal are different things in OSX. He should be trying to use the Terminal application. The Console application is used for something else. Generally for logging application errors or messages.

don’t do much scripting then?

Actually error reporting is alot better in macos than in windows and linux, apple once more teaches organisation and ease of use with its console app. Console is a beautified logger where the programmer can track back errors reported way back in time and everything is kept organised in a tree like form , make it very difficult to get lost inside hundred of error messages.

I have not used this feature with scripting with blender but I did use console alot to debug a very buggy implementation I did for creating a VST plugin with Java and jVstWrapper library, the error reports were always detailed, organised and very readable. From the one side , that was thanks to Ableton Lives report system, but console helped alot too, to identify the problems.

If only all apps could be so well behaved …

If you wanna see bug in blender console do next thing

  1. Click RMB and “show content package” (some thing like this)
  2. When you see package in app, find “blender” start app script and run it
  3. blender start with an open console
  4. open your blend file, and run it(if bge)
  5. sorry for my english :slight_smile:
    Apologize for the inaccurate description, Mac at home and I’m now at work in Windows

Guh. I can’t say this was a very helpful thread at all. @Demander, no offense, but I hate it when people give misguided advice that they didn’t test. Try not to do that in the future. You could have saved me a headache…

OK. Here’s what you REALLY do.

Yes, Run the Terminal application.
Navigate to inside the blender app. in my case, that looks like this

cd /Applications/Blender\ 2.5/

Then run the binary file with an ampersand at the end. Why this works, I have no idea. Don’t forget the period at the start.

./blender &

OR you can just type out the whole darn thing. This is even better because to close Blender completely (like when a script wont stop running) you’ll have to close the terminal too. Then when you run the terminal again, you can just press the Up arrow to get this line back. Again, the ampersand is where the magic happens.

/Applications/Blender\ 2.5/ &

And it actually works. I tested it. Mac OS 10.5 / Intel