Blender and mocap ( bvh ) files ?

Hey Everybody !

I`ve got a question about motion capture data in blender.
I just saw that blender is able to read mocap data like from Mixamo in collada format (imported with mesh and animation - Mixamo TuT - )

I have my own mocap data here and its very hard for me to apply my own mocap data to a model or mesh.
The problem is the retargeting of the animation bvh to the rig skeleton of the character i have.
For my trys i usually used the import workflow from “Make Human blender add on” which worked well except the shoulder rotations and something in the back which was wrong rotated.
The Tutorials i found in youtube are pretty different and not the way i expect how it`ll work in the end.
You have to tweak and tweak and tweak.

If someone of you guys has an idea or wants to try/error a bit with 100fps mocap data, i can send you some mocap anims to test.

Friendly Greetings,
Lenny :eyebrowlift: