Blender and modo 801

I was wondering if modo 801 is more powerful and precise than blender when it comes strictly to modeling? Is the modeling process in modo 801 faster than in blender? Yeah I know that speed mostly depends on the user and that modo unlike blender costs money, so don’t correct me there. And what software would you recommend me if I wanted to model complex objects such as highly realistic weapons and aircraft with detailed cockpit? I’m already very familiar with blender but I still ask my self could modo be any better, is it really worth buying it? I’ve also seen some videos of modeling very realistic weapons in modo, so I wonder what you guys could tell about this, why aren’t there any videos like this with blender? Also, If I were to try and sell stuff on turbosquid with what software would I have better chance of profiting. Please just don’t mention maya, 3ds max, 3d coat or any other software. I just wanna hear about modo and blender, cause it has really caught my eye recently seeing all these videos about modo’s ability to bring 2d images into highly realistic models.

Being a user of both software: You could do the same stuff with both programs. The speed in both programs comes from shortcut setup, and to a large extent in Modo, your user scripts. Scripts extend that program greatly! That isn’t to say you couldn’t also extend Blender with scripts.

As far as turbo squid goes, profit comes with good sell-able models, not what it was created in. In the end, it is your ability to use the software that will get you the high quality models.

That’s a fair answer I must say. Even though modo looks a little bit more appealing to me, I’ve spent so much time mastering blender that I doubt I’ll switch to modo any time soon. Besides, blender just keeps getting better and better in all it’s aspects of CGI. Tell me something, is it confusing to switch now and then from modo to blender? Does it affect your work performance? How long does it take you to get use to their controls when you’re switching from one to another and is there a setup in modo that mimics blenders controls and vice versa in blender?

Switching is…interesting. It takes a day or two to remember all of my shortcuts again. I have probably 40-60 shortcuts set up for specific operations in Modo. I haven’t modeled much in a while, so I’ve not done much of the switcheroo.

My best advice: Learn how to model well. Don’t worry so much about the software right now. Blender gives the ability to create high quality models for free; use it. When you get to a studio that has Modo, learn it and bring along all of your modeling knowledge you’ve acquired during your time with Blender. Or just continue to use Blender! In the end, they are just tools. Use whatever works best for you, not what’s “best” to other people.

I know, right? And like I said, blender will just keep getting better and better. It wouldn’t hurt to try another software but that sure as hell won’t be any autodesk product. Thanks for the help, man.