Blender and Movie making focus?

(PowerMacG4) #1

Its seems like folks are pushing to do shorts with Blender. How about using blender to work with feature film projects. Like adding odjects to movies.
Doing a shoot in a warehouse and then adding more boxes in the scene with Blender.
This can push more photorealistic quality to Blender. And it won’t cary the time consuming job of a short created strictly in Blender. But one can learn all about Camera angles, lighting and animations i.e. adding a moving security camera to a scene shot in a hallway.
If we can prove that Blender can hold its place in that arena, It will be Golden in the Post-Production Houses.

(rwv01) #2

Hmm… that’s a good suggestion.

Has any one here worked on a feature film before?

(valarking) #3

the trouble is convincing people to use it in a movie. :frowning:

(PowerMacG4) #4

Can always hit the indie scene, A feature film is any film thats longer than a short. Low-Budget Indepedent is the best to start.

(Rob) #5

Is Blender missing anything in order to achieve anything like this?

Should any required changes be the focus of development, or is it fully capable now?


(stephen2002) #6

well, it is capable of doing this…just the same as any other 3D app.

You will need a lot of plugins to get it to work properly, or you can just do it by hand the hard way.

People have done proff-of-concept things like that with Blender, just nobody has really done anything very elaborate…just an object on a desk to demonstrate that the object looks good under HDRI and can have a moving camera track it well.

(PowerMacG4) #7

One way is for forlks to break out the good ol, camcorder, miniDV cams sart filming quickies around the house. Then touch em up with Blender. Add a frig, table, washer.
Only thing one will need video editing software. and probably Photoshop.

(Nayman) #8

blender needs a camera tracker, otherwise, it is almost impossible to add cg to live plates convincingly

(i spent 4 days matching a shot in spider-man by hand)

(Grizzly69) #9

Thats what Icarus is about.

there is an import script Eeshlo made for blender. I haven’t treid it yet.

(CubeFan973) #10

I know this probably won’t help for those scenes where Spider-Man swings around (BTW: What the heck is the Spider-man thing about? We learn so much about, but never find out the plot :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I’ve heard tripods or whatever they’re called can help. They make it so that you don’t even have to hold the camera, just look through it. (If you’ve got a mini-DV, it probably gets even easier.)

In “Cube” (relatively low-budget film from Canada), they had to use a HEAVY camera–and it was handheld! Very few times did they ever use “sticks” to shoot the scenes, so if you look closely, you might see a scene where it shakes a little. The film used CG (the guys who did the CG couldn’t even be payed–that’s how low-budget the film was) for some shots, mainly booby trapped rooms. (Watch the film and you’ll see what I mean by booby-trapped rooms.) For those scenes, they steadied the camera and let the CG guys do what they had to do. However, one time it looks like the trap shakes a little (a wire-trap that Quentin narrowly escapes from), but this makes a little sense.

Anyway, this sounds like a great experiment. But I’m not taking any part of it. Blender-made scenes are better and even easier to steady :smiley: .

(mrmunkily) #11

cube was a freaking weird movie!

(CubeFan973) #12

Nowhere near as weird as “Head,” which has no visible plot! Very strange film from the Monkees–in one scene, Mickey Dolenz destroys a Coke machine in the desert with a tank because it won’t give him a bottle of Coke! “Everything goes with Coke!” I haven’t seen it all the way through, but any film which has the stars jump off a bridge at the beginning is WEIRD!

Another scene has all four of them in Vietnam. Mickey refuses to wear his helmet. So one of the others goes over to get some supplies, and there’s a guy in football gear! He gets his helmet, gives it to Mickey, and suddenly their running—and where do you run in war?

Exactly! Run right into your concert!

Another scene takes place in the West. The main character is shot full of arrows. What does he do? Faint? No. He complains! He knocks the fake arrows out of him, kicks a guy that’s supposed to be dead, and leaves the set!

Another scene has one of them opening a medicine cabinet. Guess what’s in there? Medicine? In this surreal film? Of course not! There’s an EYE in there!

Yeah, it’s that weird! It makes “Cube” seem realistic!

(Grizzly69) #13

Yeah but Cube was cool! I liked it.

Me no like Monkees.

(CubeFan973) #14

Because they were high during the writing of “Head?” Explains everything.