Blender and Project peach on front page of digg

Seems Blender made it to the front page of Digg it up.

:ba: oh joy, now comes the horde of “This UI sux, dude it aint like Paint dude did u see that mona lisa it wanna do that with Blender and make bootiful images 2” posts from noobs just finding out about Blender.

May God give me the gift of “patience” this Christmas.And money. I could really use some money. Patience can come later. :slight_smile:


I dugg it!!

YOu just have Vista running and a browser and it eats 51% of your 2 gig ram?!?

it’s not eating it, it’s just keeping it warm just in case no one else wants to use it. And it’s not 51%, it’s currently 32% of CPU and 58% of RAM.

Haha 51% of my ram does seem extreme doesn’t it? Well vista is a resource hog but not that much of one, had a virus scan and spy ware scan running in the background. It’s at 34% right now, which I’m fairly comfortable with.

And papasmurf, whats with all the hostility towards noobs? Everyone has to learn some time…or so I thought. :confused:

Might just be something in the eggnog :smiley:

There’s a difference between newbies that act like Papasmurf mentioned, and newbies that behave well and do their best to learn, without sitting on a forum all day telling people how the person in question is unable to use his brains :ba: