Blender and published games.

Hello, the question i am about to ask will probably not get answered but its worth a shot. I would like to do some modding for games such as battlefield 2142 and that type. The thing is those game files are in .bundledmesh format and i cant open that. So my question is, how would you open a .bundledmesh file so that i can use it in blender?

what is a “.bundledmesh file”?

A .bundledmesh file is proprietary and was written specifically for the Battlefield: 2 engine. A bundledmesh file usually contains all visible portions of geometry for an object. In some cases such as a helicopter’s rotors a seperate bundledmesh is used so the game can switch between geometries to provide a better blur effect.

But I don’t know how you can edit them in Blender.

Im not sure exactly what a .bunndledmesh is , but i now that it is the mesh for the object, im not sure if it has textures also. I dont know how to open it and i have searched google and i haven’t found an answer so i dont think ill find one here. But i can try and hope.

In theroy, Blender can read any file format that exist. However, you would need to make (or find) a script that reads the .bundledmesh file into usable blender data.

If you can’t find anything about the .bundledmesh file format on google, then the .bundledmesh file format “might” be closed source or a patented file format. If that’s true, then it may be impossible to read the file in blender (or any other program for that matter).

Ya, your right.

I would advice start modding more open engines first. I started with the GTA series, then moved to the Gamebryo engine and then I found blender! One of my friends mentioned the source engine was pretty open too.

Warcraft III is fun and easy to mod, iirc.

Have you bought the Gamebryo engine or did you download it elsewhere?

I bought TES: Oblivion and started modding it. I was a very active member of the tesnexus-community ( in the old days, but I never started to create a stand-alone game with the Gamebryo engine. If you’re planning to do something like that, you can better work at a total conversion mod.