Blender and Python

What does Python actually contribute to Blender’s own Python library? I mean I’ve noticed that as i use python and Blender together on my main computer and on other computers it seems to run equallu well with or without python. Also it seems that anything I even tried importing also didn’t need python on the computer.

Just a question.

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I assume you mean downloading and installing a python distribution from

Blender 2.5 contains a bundled version of python 3.0, so you won’t notice any problems unless exporting a game runtime, in which case you either need python 3.0 installed or include a bundled version. However, in Blender 2.49 or previous versions there was no bundled python (or a limited version of it) which may have caused a warning about no python installation being found. For the most part, this doesn’t really effect the use of blender. It only becomes a hassle when coding your own tools, utilities or creating a game which uses python. Occasionally these sorts of things will require the python modules found in a python distribution, so the chances are that you never encountered any problems on a computer with out a python installation is because you never did anything that required python (such as coding).

for more advanced modules, like socket etc. you need to have a python distro installed.

Ok lets say i want to distribute a game, not a runtime, but in a fashion similar to the BP Player. I would need to include a bundled version of python in the file too correct?

I believe Blender comes with a Python distribution zip file that you can use for the functions that you need - maybe I’m not remembering correctly. If not, I think you can just put a small zipped or unzipped Python 3.0 distribution that you can use.

The exporter for 2.5 will handle the bundling of all .dlls and python for you, so as long as you are using a recent build of 2.5, you shouldn’t have to worry about much.

@Joeman16, I think python may have used to be bundled as a zip at one point as well, but now its just in the folder hierarchy in blender/2.5x/python/lib.