Blender and Qt 3D applications with QML - Is that possible?

I have idea for one interactive 3d application to create in Qt framework but in Qt for 3d graphic objects is used QML. In Blender scripting language is Phyton, I know that, but is it possible to make Qt and Blender to work together? and How?

All my 3d models are in .obj file extension and I need meshes to glow and use optical laws for adding-combining of colors in RGB system. I need to make one box-room where those objects will be placed and to can navigate like in any 3d software.

Can you help me to make work-production line with blender and software for making crossplatform applications (for example with Qt)?

The Qt framework has an optional add-on called Qt3D which has exactly the kind of capability you’re looking for: you can create applications which will load and display files in a variety of formats (including .obj) which you can then manipulate and modify at a code level.