Blender and realtime executable behave different ???

Hi everybody,

I think I got a serious problem:

I got two scenes. Ones is the “Main” scene and one is an overlay for the HUD.
Inside the HUD-scene I got a plane with a text on it, triggered by an always sensor and a python script. The plane has a Property (int) called “Points”.

Inside the main scene there are some spheres lying around with a collision sensor attached looking for properties called “ball”. Everytime the ball touches a sphere it disappears and a message is send with “got Sphere”.

The plane from the HUD scene catches the message and adds a value of 250 to the property “Points” of the plane.

Everything is working fine! And my points are beeing counted. But the problem is : It works only inside Blender (2.25 and 2.34) and when I build an dynamic executable, the Points will not be counted.

What am I doing wrong?

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance



I have had the same problem… i think…
Int-s didn’t somehow work so I replaced them with float.
dunno if that helps…

Thanks man, but that didn’t work. :frowning:

I tried several workarounds, changed sensors, removed actuators and did the value assignment by python, nothing works. I can’t count scores.

But how to debug such a mess? No console output and as already said: Inside Blender everything is working fine.

Did noone else have this problem before?

Please people don’t tell me, that I have to dig into the source code…

Ok, I fixed it!

Deleted the Plane,built a completely clean file and then appended all scenes and created the plane with sensors and script from scratch.

Now everything works fine. Don’t know what it was exactly.