Blender and Renderman, possible?

HI all,

I’m wondering if anyone has ever tried Renderman with Blender.

Is there a script for Blender, that exports to renderman?

Anybody have any ideas?


The last version of Tuhopuu had Blenderman, (actually 3Dlight), direct export and render from the render window, (F10).

Check that out, as 3DLight is Renderman compliant. I’m not sure if green is still doing anyhting with advancing it, but as long as you have #DLight installed and working proiperly, all should be OK.


cool, the thing is you see, I can get Renderman for Linux on the PS2, which drives the PS2’s 2 VUs, producing super fast render times.

Check here for details.

Now I have a copy of 2.27 for Linux on the PS2 so in theory something should be possible.

BUT, you say I have to have #DLight installed and running, is there a Linux version out there?

Thanks for the info,


No idea on a Linux version. Sorry.

Maybe do a Google search and see.



You star, this is just the kind of thing I’m after. :smiley: