Blender And Sculpting - Are There Jobs?

Do you think I will be able to find a job if I reach skill level in sculpting in Blender similar to this?"Similar to this" < I mean being able to do character sculpts with proper anatomy, mainly fantasy characters or some stylized monsters and such. This may seem like a dumb question but I specified: IN BLENDER. I see ZBrush everywhere, everyone works in ZBrush, everyone wants ZBrush sculptors, but I can’t afford this software. I know Blender for a couple of years already and I think I could learn sculpting, I really like it, but I don’t know if there is a point.
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If the client says “Use ZBrush”, then… you’re using ZBrush.
If the boss says “Use ZBrush”, then… you’re using ZBrush.

“Can’t afford the software” isn’t a good argument. If you’re working in an office, the license will be provided. If you’re working contract/freelance out of office, then you either negotiate access to the license as part of your contract or you charge enough to cover those expenses, same as taxes, hardware replacement, and others.

And for the answer, yes you can do the same in Blender and yes you can find job and clients using blender.

That’s a great answer. Also, Zbrush is pretty cheap for all it does. It should be one of your priorities when you reach a certain income, along with Substance Painter/Designer, 3D Coat and Houdini Indie. You won’t need anything more expensive for a long time.

But until then, yes, you can certainly make money sculpting in Blender. Most of the gigs I get are 3D printing ones and I do the sculpting all inside Blender.

Of course you can work as a sculptor using Blender, but you have to get very good first and be flexible about using other programs too, specially if you want to be at a studio instead of working on your own. But it is possible.

Also, the “I can’t afford it” thing can’t be an excuse, if you’re serious about working professionally as a digital sculptor then using Zbrush is a must, like it or not. You can use a student version to learn and practice, and be specific with your potential clients/employers about not having a license yet.

Look at Kfir Merlaub portfolio, he uses Blender for most of his work and is now working for Prime1 Studios :smiley:

zbrush is kinda cheap for what it does, that’s correct - if you make money using it then it should not be an issue. Where do you live ? Are you afraid not to be able to charge enough to cover the cost ?

I wouldn’t recommend to anyone that they use Blender’s multires sculpting for production or freelance work. It has too many unpredictable issues that would never fly in a commercial pipeline.

That said, if you’re comfortable with it, I don’t think I’ve ever had a case where I had to prove that my work was done in a specific product. Unless they’re specifically asking for a .zpr or a .ztl as a deliverable, there’s really no way for them to know where your asset was created. In my experience, if you meet the needs of the contract, people could care less which software you use, and the obsession with software in production is a uniquely “Blender person” thing.

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Clients generally do not care of software. Although subjectively think that Zbrush being as easy to use as it is, as powerful and not requiring good hardware, it would be a better option. That is not to say you cannot do same or even more in many cases with Blender, it just requires very good hardware and good knowledge of program (some py to bend it to your will). It will also be harder, more time consuming to master.

Will any type of sculpting pay off though? Entry threshold is minimal, 2D concept artists are doing it nowadays as part of their process. Pretty much anyone can learn it within months. As such you have tremendous supply and competition. There’s only a small segment where highres sculpt is the desired final outcome (e.g 3D print) as usually it’s just the first part of concepting/modeling. As such, unless you learn it as part of some pipeline (e.g concepting or asset creating), it can be financially very tough place to be especially during initial learning period.

That is only my subjective opinion, just know a guy who’s unemployed 2 years now who only sculpts. Thought I’d reflect on it.

TBH, I do not think any company hires someone that only sculpts…I have no idea really but it seems like a waste of resources…given that someone with a decent skill level has not picked up any other skills along the way besides sculpting…that is a person I would not hire.

Of course modeler is a job of its own. I have a close friend and a colleague who both make a very decent living sculpting (and making blendshapes and retopo cause that’s part of the job).

well let it not be said that I cannot be corrected. :)…I humbly accept your proving me wrong :slight_smile:

Everyone’s situation is different, but if your intention is to become a professional, then you should be in the habit of putting aside regular savings towards your tools and resources…

Your first act as a professional is to begin putting aside monthly savings into an account to fund your profession. Once a month, contribute a minimum of £10 into that account. Do this every month without fail.

That account will not be solely for a copy of ZBrush. As the years go on you’ll no doubt want new computers, upgrades, software, desks, comfy chairs or that spider-plant to decorate the corner of your office. But if you start now, you will always be prepared for those costs. If you save well, then maybe your building society might throw in £15 interest at the end of the year…sure its not much but its still free money. Take it.

It honestly doesnt matter where your income comes from; flipping burgers at MacDonalds, freelancing or working for ILM. Just keep putting the money away…

Agreed. Companies refer to it as a “contingency fund”, I refer to it as a “war chest”. Regardless of what you call it there’s always something that needs to be covered immediately, whether it’s an emergency recovery of your hard drive because of ransomware, or specific hardware/software to land an important client.

The question is…can you create this in Blender? … if so … nobody will be interested in which software you used :slight_smile:

Yes totally, you can do it!

The point where zbrush is better and where I use it is for micro details, layers and vector displace export.
For the rest, blender can do the same.

After, of course, zbrush is the best, no question ask, but blender even if it’s simpler can do the job on this example.
I make characters as a freelancer, most of the time I stay in blender for dyntopo, retopo and sculpt.