blender and sculptris (or 3dcoat) pipeline

I am new to this kind of things, tried to search around and i found a lot of infos, so i have several questions :slight_smile:

Is this a correct way to do things?
model on blender a base mesh, save it, import to sculptris and doing additional sculpting and painting… Still on sculptris export maps.
Now im confused because i have an original perfectly topologized mesh in blender and a new one (with added geometry and to be topologized) imported, plus all the textures
Do i need to work with the new one? I mean, i retopo everything to keep lower polycounts and add the maps i’ve exported from sculptris? (also do i need to flip things?) <- is that correct and enough?
Oh and for retopology, i found an “old” tutorial very amazing:

But i also heard new tools in latest 2.6 version for a faster way to work with topo… Anyone know more? Thanks in advance!