Blender and Substance painter

Hey, I bought substance painter and I love it. But I have a little problem. When I use blender and unwrapp my model and work on normal map there is no seams. But if I export my normal map into the substance painter I see seams there. If I export from substence painter after I work on it and import to blender I see no seams. So looks like there is no problem but working on a object with visible seams in substance painter distracting me. I couldnt understand what is the problem can anyone help me to figure out?

Because if I dont see problem or any seams in blender does it mean there is no seams? But there are seams in substence painter… I’m really confused.

this image from substance painter
in blender there is no seams.

Also same settings I use.

Blender photos.

I’m aware of a problem (not directly to blender) where the normalmap is mirrored (and also inverted left right vector values) and the mid value has a problem when 127 and not 128… ah found the image (don’t remember where this is from):600px-Normalmap_127seam
Maybe this is it?

I didint understand can you explain what should I do? I’m beginner I couldnt catch the point. Sorry its not your mistake its my dumbness… I would be so happy if you explain more pls!!

Is you normal mapped a mirrored map (like the same a texture map fro left and right?)?

  • If not then their is another problem i can’t think of.
  • If yes or you are interested: The normal map can’t be just mirrored like an ordinary image because the normals for example on the left showing to the left would show to the left also on the ride side… one channel (left/right whatever coordinate system some use) has to be “changed” to the opposite direction (this can be done by the software if imagetyp is set to normal map ← possible solution). My picture shows the problem of having not the correct middle value causing a break in the normalmap.

(I overread that you don’t have a problem after reimport to blender and just wonder… so that might be the explanation… you might select the pixels in you normal map and check the values)

Ahh, did you read this Substance Painter to Blender normal map issue SOLITION! - #2 by Kolloom ??