Blender and SummaSketch III for Windows

Hello everyone…

I’ve got a question, and I really don’t know who else to ask. Someone vacated an office where I manage software and hardware, and left behind a GTCO Summagrid V digitizer and SummaSketch III software, but no power supply that I can fathom. I’m sure I can use WINE on Linux to talk to the unit, but I can’t figure out where the power adapter goes. Truly humbling.

It’s enormous! The size of an A4 drafting sheet, and when it was new, cost $5000 U.S. I definitely want this for Blender!

You’ve probably found this already, but: - they’ll likely have manuals/drivers online there.

I’ve used lots of Calcomp products in the past - still have a little CADPro tablet at the house. Good stuff.

@power supply: is it getting power thru the USB/Serial interface? These tablets may not need much.

I’ve used the older ones and they just had a standard 5/9/12 volt (forget which, it should be in the manual and also printed near the power jack) power brick that plugs in to the back or side edge, I think there was a box protrusion with all the ports and on it. Also had an on/off switch.

I used it on Windows and used their driver mode for it to just control the mouse. No idea if it will work on Linux, you might need to search out an X Windows driver for Summasketch tablets.

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