Blender and Tablet PC possible with Kainy

So for awhile I’ve been trying to figure out how to use my tablet PC in conjunction with Blender. I know theres a port being worked on but I simply couldn’t wait. I’ve tried many different apps and such to try and get that cintiq feel that I could use with blender. The one I found that works out the best has been Kainy.

Has anyone else been having luck with this app? Do you have any layouts you’d like to share, tips or tricks you’ve learned?

For those that don’t know what Kainy is…

Its streaming software meant to allow you to play your PC games on your tablet. Its customizable UI is a fairly unique feature and it gave me an idea, I could use this with Blender and solve a lot of issues that streaming apps have with a program like blender. I line the bottom and the sides up with hotkeys and work in the middle. Its good for when I want to stretch out and work on something.

In any case I’m just scratching the service of ways to use this app. The customizable UI has been really helpful. Whats even better you can stream to multiple devices.

I have a nice android phone that I use beside my tablet that I can set all my hotkeys on giving me the full tablet for work space.

So far it’s been really nice for sketching, painting and modeling.

Mainly what I’m hoping to gain from this post is to find others that are using this setup that may have tips and tricks or share some things they may have learned that I haven’t figured out yet.

If nothing else maybe it will help others that have been looking for a cheap Cintiq alternative.

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What tablet PC are you using?

I’m using an Acer Iconia A200, nothing fancy.

Gotcha. Well your first problem would be the android OS. I love it, but for art its a no go. I dont think it has a pen digitizer in it either, so you really cannot interact with it in a cintiq fashion.

Most tablets being used for cintiq like purposes are running windows. You need a less mobile CPU to handle art, and one with a pen digitizer as part of it. I have yet to hear of any program which can make use of another computer’s built in pen input, so you would either need the tablet to be the main computer or get a dedicated input device.

SO your options are having something like a Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo Helix or Samsung slate 7. The best two right now are going to be the surface pro or helix, they are not released yet. The other option which I think you will be more interested in is the Lenovo ThinkVision LT1423p.

What is it? It is a $350 touch screen monitor with a built in wacom digitizer. It is essentially a cintiq with touch screen capability. It has gorillia glass surface, IPS panel (which is better than most cintiq panels), and its very affordable.

Mix that with a decent PC and you get your cintiq.

You wont be able to pull off a cintiq with an android system like the acer.

Actually it’s been working out very well. I wouldn’t paint with it, but for 3D modeling with blender its been pretty good. The thing I like most is that when I drove up to NYC I was able to access my computer and work on blender with my tablet while sitting in the park. Back at the hotel I used my phone and tablet for added functionality and more detail oriented work.

Pinching to zoom in and out, touching a face then dragging my finger to move it, etc. Its all worked out pretty well. Sculpting with my finger or stylus has been a real treat as well.

Definitely like the Lenovo though, thanks for the suggestion. Would definitely be nice for sketching and such :slight_smile: