blender and terrain

Hi friends recently started using blender.I was wondering if BGE do smooth terrain as in Torque game engine not that large but smooth .Also how many polys can BGE can handle.

unsure on the terrain thing but the polys depends on the computer it’s running on.

we just use a grid mesh usually for the terrain. After you make your mountains, select all the faces, and press W, then select smooth a few times.

The made so we can use splatter textures too! just watch the video,
it is a lot like hammer for terrain creation now.

Thank you very much . It really helped


Try this to make your mountains… Sub divide your mesh to your desired resolution. I am currently using a 4096 quad face mesh. I am getting good results too.

Now for the magic select any face and press the O key that will toggle the falloff. now press G to grab a face, move the face up a bit, and roll your mouse wheel to get your desired shape. then rightclick to let go of the face .
You can go around the mesh now and grab the faces, and then press Z to lock the grab direction to the Z axis.
read more about it here:

we have new sculpt tools that are great for doing mountains too. the only reason I prefer the proportional falloff is that i can lock the transform manipulation to the z axis. If you only move faces and verts up and down on the z axis, the collision works a lot better and the UV mapping is easy to snap, stays nice.