Blender and the Gamebryo engine

Hi all,

I am looking about 1.5 years in the future to modding a game, (Civilization IV), that will be using the gamebryo engine, (Morrowind, Empire Earth, Axis and Allies).

The Gamebryo website boasts it is easy to use and modify with .3ds and maya.

Civilization IV will also be using python scritpting.

What I am wondering is, does anyone see a possibility where models made and animated in Blender could be exported to the gamebryo engine.

Sorry to bump my own thread… but I gotta know.

How about… does any body have any experience in modding games that use non-DXF model types, and perhaps share some of the frustrations they came up against?

there aren’t any good exporters [to any format] of animation that I know of

I haven’t tried the md5 [doom3?] export, but I think it may actually be the most complete

you are probably better off learning quaternoins and stuff and writing your own export and/or importer

thanks… I’ll look up what quaternoins are.

Quaternions, in case you didn’t find a satisfying answer Googling, are a type of complex numbers that the mathematican Hamilton invented (sometime in the 19th century, if I’m correct). What differs these from “normal” complex numbers are that these consists of four parts (a 3D vector and a scalar) instead of two. In the same way that you can plot complex numbers on a 2D graph, you can plot quaternions in a 4D space. I’m quessing that the fourth parameter is used as time, but I’m not sure since I only program 2D apps and not 3D. It might also be ignored completely.

Anyways, traditional 3D animation (real-time that is, like in games) uses the same principle as RVKs (relative vertex keys) in Blender. They consists of keyframes (like stills in 2D animation) where vertices are translated to where they are supposed to be at that time. If the application wants to draw a pose of an 3D actor between two keyframe it renders an interpolation between the two frames.

So I guess what you would want to do (depending on how the targeted format is constructed, of course) is to find a way to export your keyframes to quaterion (or similar) matrixes, but I’m merely guessing since my real-time 3D knowledge is limited. I’ll leave it to the pros to fill in the blanks. :wink:

uhh, the basics are that quarternoins are a good way to store rotations, and interpolation between them looks better than interpolation between euler [rotx, roty, rotz] rotations
[also, it is far far less actual work for the processcor]

they are used in blender for armatures, and local bone rotations

I do not have enough experience with them or their math, so beyond that I can’t really say much.

Ok, like I said I don’t have first hand experience working with them so I can’t comment on that, I’m only aware of their mathematical function.

Anyways, this link should anwer any remaining questions (especially Q47-Q63) if anyone is still interested in writing an export script in python:

Thanks guys, I think there are a few coders in the civ community, if not Atari coders themselves, who will be able to do this.

I feel a little bit better in continuing to learn Blender. I suppose if worse comes to worse I’ll just hook up on a different game, or maybe even a private project…