Blender and the Operating System you run it on.

I’m curious if there are noteworthy functional differences when running Blender on different Operating Systems. For instance:

  1. Features inside the Blender Program.
  2. Rendering speed.
  3. Codec support (this might be more of an OS thing?)
  4. etc…

I also setup this poll to see which Operating System is most used by the Blender community to run Blender.

I hope this topic is not redundant. I did a quick search and did not see anything.


use it on linux, just because i thought id try it out, and i liked it :slight_smile:

I used Windows because oddly enough Blender acts oddly in Linux. Dividing windows apart is annoying, and audio doesn’t work.

I like it better on Linux in many ways.
Especially for the ease of compiling (didn’t ever try it on windows^^) and for it’s amazing speed…

feature should be around the same

At this point in time the Poll results are somewhat what I expected. But I expected more votes by now!
41 responses so far.
-> Windows XP = 18
-> Linux 32 = 13


I keep trying Linux but it keeps showing me no love =(

So I stick it out with XP.

linux…linux…linux on blender…ummmm :wink:

I have to resort to external programs for sound multiplexing as I am yet to succesfully mix sound and video on my PC.
Unfortunately I need to keep Windows for other things and my laptop’s HDD is a little cramped to work out a dual boot without a complete rebuild.

I’ve tried to convert over to Linux 100%. The main reason for this is so I can run Linux 64 bit and Blender 64 bit. Blender 64 bit is MUCH faster at rendering than than Windows or Linux 32 bit. However, I just can’t get a video editing program for Linux that is as good as Sony Vegas. Also, Iike Ammusionist says, I’ve had issues getting sound to work as well as it does in WIndows.

blender starts up about 4 * faster on Linux, and i can run 2*the number of polys on the same hardware:) windows just crashed at lest once every hower

I’m using XP, because besides Blender I can do everything I want/need in WinXP (which is not possible in Linux).

I could’nt vote because I use it on XP, Ubuntu Studio and OSX :slight_smile:

My OSX renders the fastest (and I have Photoshop on there which I use for texturing), Ubuntu Studio runs faster when jumping between applications (but only because I have too little memory on my Mac), and XP because then I get to play with Zbrush 3 and other apps I have on there.

hey blenditos!

I use blender 90% on XP (optimized with minimum services running) and if I happen to be in Linux, then I work on a blender scene but save it to a USB stick so that I have access to it once I reboot.

Blender starts faster in Linux (as someone already mentioned) but on my machine, blender runs smoother on XP. Particularly the select function (b-key) draws odd under Linux (the bottom part of the selection) and I get the occasional crush … don’t know why.

If I would find a tutorial on how to set up blender paths and Yafray in Linux, I’d probably use it much more and longer under Linux because I want to run a 64bit OS .

Adios :slight_smile:

Okay maybe my title is harsh, I do compile programs on windows, I mean hey, I use it!

But the point is, windows makes it tough to do simple things like that, by first lacking basic tools (compilers for example!) and then making it hard to keep them organized without having to pull out your hair…

On XP, blender is fine, but slightly slow, since XP is so big, it hogs the resources with all those unnecessary services (yes I know how to turn them off, but then windows will need a cracker… so I don’t)…

Do I sound biased?
I hope not, just being honest…

Can’t wait to try [windows vista, ubuntu, and my proposed (and still planned) blender-OS] +[blender] on something fast enough to run both together…

xp and ubuntustudio – the former by necessity, the latter for economic freedom.

Oh, right, performance… I guess it runs slightly faster on UbuntuStudio, though I can’t remember the numbers right now. Of course, slightly means a lot when you’re rendering.

Windows XP. 'Cause most games support XP, and I can’t live without games! [Though, some games are going console and skipping the PC altogether… XD ] I’m completely sticking with Windows, past, future. Using Linux is just too geeky for me. =|


Windows AT WORK

So I voted Linux…just for kicks…

Well I had the same problem before, now I just live with it. Or in this case without it. I’m still seeking an alternative for Premiere Pro. I can say I’m on linux 99%. The 1 is InDesign - Illustartor - Photoshop - LAN Partys. And occasional video editing. And mainly it’s done virtually (which is slow as h*ll with my crappy computer) and it works.

One is never too old to LEARN! LOL

Once in a while someone mentions “Enlightenment” as the window manager for linux and becasue I’ve seen it a few years ago (but was not impressed) I wrote it off.
Today I gave it a second look and WOW! My selection is as smooth as in windows xp and what ever happened to the memory hog I don’t know but I’m rinning on 165MEG right now with blender and Firefox open.
To me, THAT is amazing :slight_smile:

Now if I only could fing a slim linux distro with enlightenment as the WM …

p.s. I just figured out how to set the paths for yafray and python in linux (it’s easier than in xp) so … all is well :slight_smile:

Back to work!!!