Blender and Ultra Sparc Linux?

(PowerMacG4) #1

Is there a port of Blender 3D for Ultra Sparc Linux? I rather run Linux on my Sun Ultra 5.

(mrmunkily) #2

wait till the sources come out; then you won’t need one.

will there be a problem with compiling on an architechture like that?

(PowerMacG4) #3

hopefully not. It also depends on OpenGL support in Ultra Linux, which I need to look in to.

(JWalton) #4

I hope you don’t expect any 3d performance…

(PowerMacG4) #5

I will like to use it as a basic modeling box, I can hack the case to fite a 3D creator card in it.
But I will stick with the SGI o2, and Indigo2 for Blender work. and The PowerMac for other stuff. i.e. Lightwave and Movie editing.
The Ultra 5 will be good to run the renderdaemon along with my other Sparcstations.

(JWalton) #6

I don’t understand. Creator 3D is very poor performance.

(PowerMacG4) #7

3D Creator card is pretty crappy.
I come to realize that will stick with the SGI boxes for Blender modeling. No need to put time into those Sun boxes, but I will use em for renderdaemon.