Blender and Unity GE

Has somebody though about some more integration between Blender and the Unity GE?

I have tryed the demo and it can use .blend files DIRECTLY! It is just amazing, you can work in the blend file and it gets updated inside Unity.

The problem is it currently only supports meshes (with UV) and textures, that´s why I am asking here. Please, some developers can try it?
It does fully support fbx, maybe a exporter could be build for this?

Unity developers are allready very interested in expanding blender support, they only need to get in touch with some blender developers…

Please guys, it would be a tremendous workflow… It has even a web plugin!!

Thank you in advance,
Gustavo Muñoz


Not open source and no linux version :-? … too bad.

%| Nice looking engine. Man… too bad it’s not free.

Hehe, from what I can tell it’s exactly the same thing as blender (workflow and production wise). Maybe it’s just more polished with a better rendering engine. Blender did have a web plugin in 2.25…

Jason Lin

get irrlicht, its open source…(free then)

and better…rag doll physics and more…

Well, look at the physics engine Unity uses. Ragdoll and even more:

And I’ve never seen such good graphics with OpenGL.

And too bad it isn’t open source…

Yes it is not Open Source, but they are working really hard for suporting Indie development. And the workflow would be so sweet… Just think in building the levels in Blender and open it in Unity without the need for ANY conversion or exporting stuff.

Please, anyone here with a mac take a look closer to this program, it is really wonderfull used with Blender…

Gustavo Muñoz

Utility looks like a sweet GE - even it if it isn’t free - it is a pretty good alternative to free GEs - its relatively cheap compared to Unreal and some others! What would make it awsome is… well, nothing more! Bump maps, ray tracing, animation, C++, ragdolls, networking - the works - I’d use it as a compliment to Blender - like you said, model and texturize in blender - import and then create the actual game logic in Unity - I’m just not going to dish out the money for it right now… demo was nice though! :wink:

I don’t think you’ll find many blender developers willing to spend time developing support for a commercial game engine. Not when theres engines like Crystal Space more worthy of their attention.

Keith. 8)

Maybe no, but it would be a pitty… and all I am asking for is a fbx exporter, something I know have been done many times: we allready count with a lot of exporters to other comercial 3D aplications, and fbx is becoming a very used format.

Gustavo Muñoz

oh it uses fbx? It that case yes definately. An FBX import/export script would be very useful. But this isn’t the place to ask for import/export scripts. Try the Python & plugins forum. :slight_smile:

Keith. 8)

“But this isn’t the place to ask for import/export scripts. Try the Python & plugins forum.” :-?

Hey gorgan, this one sounds to systematic… Gustavo is posting in the right place… %|

Orge3d, opensource, opengl, amazing graphics. Much better than unity. There is an export script for blender somewhere.

Ogre3D is much better than Unity…? Please, elaborate…

Gustavo Muñoz

Wether its OGRE, IRRLICHT or CRYSTAL SPACE they are OPEN SOURCE and unity
is closed source. Thats it, no need to elaborate more imho. I use IRRLICHT beside GE and its ridicolous easy to program it loves Newbies and comes with lots of useful examples. Why the heck should i use something closed source?

Of course you should not… that´s your way. But I don´t see your point. Do you mean you are dedicated to use just Open Source programs? If I use Blender, as I do, it is not only for being O.S., but for being a really good 3D aplication…

Why do you use IRRLICHT if you have Blender? I guess because you don´t find in Blender all you need to develop your game proyects. Right? “Ridiculous easy to program” means ridiculous hard to use if you don´t have any coding skills, like me and a lot of 3D artists out there. And that is one of the reasons a lot of people is using Blender right now: because you don´t need to be a programer to build your games with it, Isn´t it?

Unity has the same artist-oriented flawor than Blender, and with just a fbx exporter we could be using both together in a very easy way. Of course, you can continue using whatever GE you like, for the reasons you have. But, please, don´t underestimate others reasons to use other GEs…

Gustavo Muñoz

You are turning my words into the opposite. i don’t like you and the product you advertise.
I said easy to use and i mean it. You can’t proof me the opposite cause you haven’t tried it.
Twenty lines of code for a 3D-Walkthrough are not more complicated than logic bricks. That was the first C++ code i have ever seen and i figured it out. Don’t spam the forum. I am not talking to you anymore, cause you argue unfair. Go away.

So leave your final comment after mine and “have a nice day”.

I don´t mind if you like me. I am not advertising any product. I am not spaming the forum. And, of course, I don´t mind if you don´t talk me anymore… In fact, these are really good news for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and you are nobody able to take me of this forum…

I just asked for something I think could be very usefull for a lot of people. I just cannot understand your harsh coments… Come on, try to mature some, boy…

Gustavo Muñoz

This guy seems to have some friends here. He double posts his commercial ! stuff in other software and here, doesn’t get one thread locked and is still arrogant. Interesting.

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