Blender and Unity

Hello Everyone,

starting to learn Blender ( nerve wrecking ) and was curious, everything i create in blender can be moved to Unity to use in the game engine rather then using the Blender game engine? I heard its rather clunky and was more of an afterthought.

Thank you <3

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That being said, yes, you can create assets in Blender and use them in Unity. However, any logic you create for the BGE will likely not transfer over; maybe some general Python code could be reworked to work with Boo, but that’s about it. As far as the actual Blender <-> Unity pipeline, I’m not sure how “clunky” it is. I believe you use FBX to export models to Unity, but I haven’t used Unity. I think you can find some tutorials on Blendercookie regarding getting Blender assets into Unity.

I’ve used unity in combination with blender quite a bit, transferring rigged and animated characters over from blender to Unity. Seemed to work fine for me. :slight_smile:
You can also transfer models to UDK. I’ve transferred a static mesh and it worked fine. Not sure about animated characters though.

Are you able to rig and animate in Unity?

Last time I used it you couldn’t. Thats not really its purpose. Its meant more for just the placement/scripting of assets in the game engine, not modelling/rigging/texturing etc…

I last used it when it was at version 3, so it might have changed, but just look on their website. Surely it will have information about features like that if it does do it.

Alright, i understand now.