blender and virtualight rule!

check more @ my webpage

Is there any place with tutorials or walkthroughs for using this program with Blender, the images here and on your page look awesome.

That’s a great pic! How long did it take to render on Virtualight? Oh, I have a question about Virtualight! Can you render a Blender animation on Virtualight? I remember reading that it’s not possible (notes from Virtualight).

Virtualight- I know from experience, is a great renderer- you’re work is fabulous! VL is my favourite renderer…

I like how the ring reflects the light onto the table. Caustics are FUN!

Very cool. I love that ring, but I think some of the ones on your site are much better. I personally like the first ring that has a white background the most. That is simply amazing. I feel like I’m looking at a picture taken during a jewlery exhibition. Wow! It looks like you have something written on the inside of some of the rings, but I can’t make it out. What’s it say?



Are you using Blender 2.10 with the export script included with VirtualLight, or did you change the script to work with a newer version?

i’m using blender 2.25 for moddeling, 2.23 fot export

there is indeed something written inside of that ring:

the average rendertime… about 5 minutes editing time in virtualight can vary from 10 minutes till 4/5 hours! (scripting)

nope you cant render a animation from blender unless you attach the export script to the “do-me” every framechanged button
(never tried this tho)

sorry cant tell… i already made that vault once before…
after that i decided to be one of the few paying customers…

when you download the program, you get a manual with it… i’ve been reading atleast 10 times, i printed it out…(alotta pages)

but i will see if i can make some shaders and scenes to the public

anyway thanks for your reactions!!!

How do you use Virtualight with blender? Is there an Export-script for it?

Nice image. The VL ring studies on your website are great. Are the rings just a convenient was to test different effects and properties of VL or is there a larger point?

And how’d you fake those caustics? They’re awesome! :wink:

Yes, there is an export script available at VirtualLight’s web site. I just did some test renders of some models and messed with the shaders in VL. I have come to the conclusion that Blender + VirtualLight does in fact rule.

Btw, VL also has an amazingly LOW price if you want to use it commercially.

Do you think that it is better than Lightflow? I have not had the opportunity to try either yet, so I would like to hear thoughts…
i saw some very interesting results…

i dont know i should try…

check the updated
work in progress section…@
now also for 56 k users!

LightFlow is also very good, but due to the licensing constraints it is not an option for those who intend to ever sell their work. I have asked the author of LightFlow about this, but have still not received an answer. On the other hand, VirtualLight can be put to commercial use which is good for those of us with families to feed. They seem comparable in terms of quality and features, but one thing going for VL: the author is accessible and it is apparent through the website and newsgroup that he is actively developing. Look at the last time the LightFlow website was updated and you’ll see what I mean.

the development with the blender export script is in this case also quite silent… but nevertheless, it works!
i stil have to try if i can get it working with the animation… but the development is constant, there is a maya plugin, a max plugin, a truspace plugin, and… a blender plugin!

i will try to make a tutorial one of these days…
for the people, by the people

jay, a new domain!

Wow, you’re rings are looking great!

I also intend to get the script working with animation after I have some more fun rendering some stills and playing with VL shaders.

this was my very first image with virtualight…
july 2001…

yay, i gotta domain!