blender and Voodoo4 on linux

Hi all.

(I’m new and this is a little long , sorry …)

Is anybody using blender with Voodoo4 on linux (with DRI enabled) successfully ?

I’m having trouble using blender releases with my Voodoo4 card on linux mainly with X4.3.0 and above (including latest 4.4.0 RC3), but also with X4.2.0.

The problem in X4.3.0 and above -
It starts okay, but although the main “rendering” functionality (F12) seems to work fine at first, after hitting ESC (or just clicking on the main interface screen
again) all the colors of the interface become smeared and unstable (change with every mouse click) and the application is not usable anymore. Turning DRI to False or NoAccel to True on the X-config fixes this but the application is then slow (any other option for tdfx doesn’t help).

I originally had X4.2.0 in which blender-rendering (F12) worked fine, but decided to upgrade because I found that setting a background image with some transparency didn’t work well (the blended image part didn’t refresh well) and it is an important functionality for starting from 2D images.

Its nice of you to read this far and I hope you also have a solution for me ;-).


Did you try rendering to view with the RenderView option (F10 window)?


It sounds like you have palette problems. Are you running in 8 bit colour?
You should be running in at least 16 bit. I know the Voodoo 3 only accelerates 16 bit - the Voodoo 4 might do 24 or 32 bit as well. I was using a Voodoo 3 under Linux with Blender for a while, so you should be ok.

"Did you try rendering to view with the RenderView option (F10 window)? "

Yes, if you mean trying the ‘RENDER’ button, then it gives the same result.

I made sure acceleration is working with ‘gears -info’ and with a 3D game which both work okay.

It does seems to be a palette problem and I don’t know how to get around this.

I tried both 16 and 24 bits. According to the X documentation the acceleration is only full in 32 bit mode for Voodoo 4 and above, but the tdfx driver can only start at 24 bits max.

BTW, starting from Voodoo 4 the support in X is totally different than with Voodoo 1-3 since the previous cards couldn’t be used with the new DRI architecture of X. The only way to get X to accelerate Voodoo 4-5 is by enabling DRI usage. To add to my sorrow DRI comes as an integral part of X and it uses a specific Mesa version and one cannot play around and change only these parts (so I can’t even upgrade Mesa for Voodo 4 for X4.3.*).

Hmmm. All I can suggest is

Use glxinfo & xdpyinfo to get information about your card - you want DRI enabled.

The thing is, palettes are not supposed to be used in 16 bit or better.

Theeth meant use the “DispView” button in the Output panel in the render buttons. This means that rendering doesn’t open a separate window - this fixes problems with some ATI cards. It seems some 3d cards just don’t like more than one 3d accellerated window!

Well the DispView button did the trick and it works well now.
(I didn’t understand what you meant at first :expressionless: )
Thank you very much. :smiley:

The “DispView” button indeed solved my problem.
Thank you very much for the effort and patience.
I can now continue exploring blender. :smiley: