Hallo. I use WINDOWS XP x64 EDITION. Which edition of blender should i download. When i go to the “Get Blender 64 bit” menu i cant find something for WINDOWS XP x64 EDITION, but only for Linux. Should i have to download the
Blender 2.45 Zip Archive (11 MB)? If not what shall i do


As far as I know Windows 64Bit runs 32 bit software so the 32bit version should work fine. It just won’t be optimised to use 64bits.

I don’t have a 64 bit windows install (although i do have a 64 bit CPU) so I am not 100% sure.


Wow…for my first post here I’m gonna do a newbie faux-pas and say “Ditto”. :wink:

I do remember seeing a 64-bit windows version, somewhere around 2.2x or so, and have been keeping my eye out for a newer build. I’ve since formated and reinstalled, and can’t find it on my HD’s anywhere.

Anyway, just wondering if there is a 64-bit windows version build in the works by someone.


—Paul L. Ming

No, there is no 64bit build for windows yet. reason here:
The link above also happens to be the fastest blender build ever. It is on average 30% faster than the official release.


Ok. Guess I’ll just stick it out until they get the code “Windows x64 friendly”. I DL’ed that optimized version and will be using that one for now. Thanks! :smiley: