Blender and XOrg Composite?

How does Blender work with Xorg and the composite extension? Is Blender usable?

composite disables opengl so no you can’t use blender + composite.

No, composite doesn’t disable openGL. I am using Suse10 and KDE 3.5 at the moment with composite enabled and all openGL applications work as before, including Blender.
The only thing is that if you switch from another app to Blender, you might see some flickering, but that disappears once you start working in Blender.

The only thing is that, at least in KDE, composite is not completely stable yet, it might crash your xserver from time to time. Rumour has it that this is fixed in the new 6.9 / 7.0 release of So unless you don’t mind an occasional xserver crash (and loose all your open applications), you’d better wait until your favourite distro includes the new

Well. . . Ubuntu 6.04 is coming out in April 2006 with XOrg 7.0. I guess I will wait till then to enjoy my eyecandy. :slight_smile: