Blender anim into Camtasia Studio 7.1 FPS???

Hi, i’ve got some very short animations 199 and 99 frames that I’m planning to loop in Camtasia for a video on AC theory for my electrical students.

Ive tried a few tests in Blenders VSE to test in Camtasia. I get very smooth output in media player but when I render from camtasia the anims are jumpy.

I know this is an issue with frame rates so my question is, what would be the best fps/format to output from Blender and what would be the best fps/format to output from Camtasia to get smooth animations?
The speed (fps) of the animations is not that critical because its just a simulation. I hope the screenshot below will explain that.

My anims are 1024x768 and will be made available via Blackboard via the net.
I know I could probably do the whole lot in the VSE but my Blender skills aren’t that great.
I’m planning to do vocal narration and labels/diagrams etc in Camtasia.

I’m hoping there are some Camtasia users here that can give some advice.