Blender Animation Challenge #1 [VOTING CLOSED]

Hi everyone!

This is the voting thread for the new Blender Animation Challenge and I must say it was a great success: We have 45 entries!
See for details about the contest.
Vote for the best animation. Disregard rendering, texturing, modelling and sounds ( the blend file was provided anyway :slight_smile: )
I personally recommend turning off all sounds for the voting process in order not to get distracted from the animation.
Besides considering the believability and how weight is displayed in the animation take creativity into account. Take your time before voting.

Due to the large number of entries the voting will stay open until the 11th of January after which the winner will be announced.

Here are the entries:

1 Slange


3 rogper

4 RedJay

5 chotio

6 dioniz,

7 Totoro

8 Praxino

9 mfoxdogg,

10 Animwannab

11 Alec3d

12 Killian

13 R3po

14 bijan


16 trontonic

17 dubious

18 charlotteM

19 harkyman

20 blenderguy2008

21 pomalin

22 Fencer100

23 kulugosatenga

24 Kat Nicolas

25 optimumone

26 jt021590

27 Kienono

28 Blockbuster

29 ralphmaprod

30 mames

31 Francis

32 Ericksson

33 Kiopaa

34 Elubie

35 Salvador

36 Jambay,
Blend file: (rename to blend)

37 Pillus,
Blend file:

38 Squamashii

39 NegimaSonic

40 mo3dmo

41 francal

42 DiThi

43 pustulax

44 neoartec
Blend file:

45 LoopyShane
Blend file:

Late Entry due to problems with post count:
46. Blendropoid

Nice, I’m impressed by the number of participants.

Alot of entries to browse through. Sadly a few of them refused to play in my browser, so my vote was given without having watched all of them. (privately hosted files etc.) Keep that in mind for later, so you can set a standard for hosting on Vimeo/Youtube or both.

I’ll be sure to add a remark to the next context

It was tough having to go through that many and pick one :stuck_out_tongue:

A few of them really stood out. I had to re-watch a few of them over and over before I could pick one. Good job guys. Wish I could have joined in on the fun. Maybe for the next one, tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Great entries everybody! It’s great to see so many first-time animators trying this out, and actually coming out with some great stuff - I hope you all enter the next one and continue to improve through doing this challenge.
It’s a shame I didn’t have time to enter this one, but hopefully I will get time for next year’s!

Seeing as we have so many entries don’t you think having some sort of star rating system for each entry would be much better (a bit like 11 second animation club), it’s just very hard to go through all the animations, and choose ONE that is the best, when there’s probably like 5 or 6 ones that are equally good.

Also about setting a standard, it would be good if we just choose one (probably vimeo as it’s usually higher quality), then we can group the animations into one channel/group/album/playlist.

(EDIT: I opened all the animations one by one in tabs, and kept the ones I think are the best open - I’ve still got 21 open :slight_smile: - this is gonna be a tough decision)

I do not want to require a special host as this could limit participation. For the next round I will add a remark about hosting to youtube or vimeo for ease of watching.
I was thinking about a rating system where one can choose more then one but this would mean to manually count the votes or to provide another site for voting as the polls do not permit other rating systems.
Harkyman suggested to have a judge panel and choose the 5 or 6 best and then let the community vote. Like they did for blending life.

I’m sure it can’t be too hard to create a rating system on a seperate site, where all the videos are embedded and you just click a star rating before going to the next vid…

Case in point - I’m now down to 7 videos, and finding it very difficult to choose between them :stuck_out_tongue: Great work everyone!

Edit: I’ve finally chosen after I narrowed it down to MrGOLD (Orven Desembrana) and Blockbuster - both had really great facial expressions, but I think Blockbuster’s didn’t have a consistently good quality of animation - it seems to slip a bit by the end.

For everyone who has suggestions on how to improve this contest please go to this thread and post there.

sorry…double post !

happy new year 2009 to all !

yes, you are right leojS :yes:
the end of my animation is really bad :(, because the time to make the movie finish was to short for me. But I will do the Animation finish…I´m go on working…

best regards
Stefan Klein

You could’ve just made the animation a bit shorter :yes:… anyway it’s good that you’re keeping on working on it!

Would be cool for contests to have a vimeo " blender contests" account, in which we could upload to folders for everyone …
So each contest would be in a folder in vimeo, with a nice gallery !

Phew, 46 entries. Never thought one could get enough of Mancandy, but this contest pushed the limits! Anyway, got through it all and I’ve cast my vote.

Congratulations to all participants!


Wow… I can’t believe my entry even had votes. This is very encouraging for me as a first time animator! Thank you very much guys! Please view every entries. I found a lot of good ones here.

Blockbuster may have a fun animation, but imo rogper and francal had the best display of lifting a heavy object. In the end, I chose Francal :slight_smile:

In the end, I had fun watching all these animations, a lot of them several times. Good job to all participants, and keep working hard until the next time!

The results are in!
We had 112 votes and the winner is Blockbuster
The Rangs are as follows:

1. Blockbuster           23         20.54%
2. Pillus                14         12.50%
3. MrGOLD                12         10.71%
4. blenderguy2008        12         10.71%
5. Salvador              11          9.82%
6. rogper                 7          6.25%
7. Praxino                6          5.36%
   Francis                6          5.36%
6. harkyman               3          2.68%
   DiThi                  3          2.68%
5. JBR                    2          1.79%
   dioniz                 2          1.79%
   francal                2          1.79%
   neoartec               2          1.79%
4. mfoxdogg               1          0.89%
   Animwannab             1          0.89%
   optimumone             1          0.89%
   Ericksson              1          0.89%
   Kiopaa                 1          0.89%
   Elubie                 1          0.89%
   LoopyShane             1          0.89%
3. Srlange                0          0.00%
   RedJay                 0          0.00%
   chotio                 0          0.00%
   Totoro                 0          0.00%
   Alec3d                 0          0.00%
   Killian                0          0.00%
   R3po                   0          0.00%
   bijan                  0          0.00%
   trontonic              0          0.00%
   dubious                0          0.00%
   charlotteM             0          0.00%
   pomalin                0          0.00%
   Fencer100              0          0.00%
   kulugosatenga          0          0.00%
   Kat Nicolas            0          0.00%
   jt021590               0          0.00%
   Kienono                0          0.00%
   alphmaprod             0          0.00%
   mames                  0          0.00%
   Jambay                 0          0.00%
   Squamashii             0          0.00%
   NegimaSonic            0          0.00%
   mo3dmo                 0          0.00%
   pustulax               0          0.00%

Congratulations Blockbuster. I will get in contact with you within the next days.

I think that one of the reasons why the animation challenge is not successful is because there is too much time in between contests. We have a contest and then nothing for days afterwards. It’s been nine days since the last post. I keep checking for the new challenge and keep getting disappointed that nothing is here. I’m starting to lose interest and am looking at other challenges and contests.

I understand it’s been the holidays and all but this is not the first time it has “stalled”. Is there any way we can keep this contest alive and moving?



I agree with Animwannab (although I think the Animation Challenge was a BIG success, with a lot of enthousiast participants).

I suggest to make this a monthly Challenge: every first of the month a new challenge, then 3 weeks of work and sending your entry, then 1 week of voting.
The 3 weeks of working is not too long, so it will stay fun to join, the animations will stay short (which is the purpose) but can still be nice. One week of voting must be enough also. And if you miss one month (no time, no inspiration, etc.) then you only have to wait one month for the next one to join in.

And one last tip: the winner can pick the new scene to work on (he/she can pick this within 1 hour, I think) but to keep it attractive, use another character/rig (one of the few free rigs…I think there are at least 4 or 5 of them?) Because, to be honest, after working with Candyman for a few weeks, I really would like to use another one the next time (even it has limited possibilities…that can be a good experience and fun too!)

I hope these tips help, because I think a lot of people are waiting for the next Challenge! :slight_smile:

And if it is a problem of time for the moderator of the Challenge, please let me know…maybe I can help you out.


Actually I did post several posts for help on a new challenge task to get a base file going as I do not have a lot of time at the moment. So far I have heard nothing and I’m in the creation of a new basefile but I haven’t really had any time since the end of this challenge and you need to review rigs too to see if they are up to the task.
So if you want this challenge to continue in a timely manner it would be great if you could actually suggest a new topic and provide the accompaniing base file.
Details can be seen here