Blender Animation Challenge #2 Voting [CLOSED]

Hello everyone,

another round of the Blender Animation Challenge is over and here are all entrants for this round. The rules for this round can be read at

Disregard modelling, texturing and lighting during voting and only consider animation. I also advise to turn off the sound to concentrate only on the animation as this is an animation challenge.
Enjoy the entries and good luck to the contestants.
This poll will close on Monday the 16tth.

If you have a base file for a new challenge don’t hesitate to send it in to mailtolanger (at) googlemail (dot) com. Please zip it and specifiy [BAC] in the subject line.




















Laxy’s entry had to be taken out of the voting as his entry does not confirm to the rules as he added a new mesh the rope. I still think you should take a look at his animation as it is an excellent entry:

Hey musk, I am sorry but on the thread I have posted wrong link. I posted the good one to your PM before, but this one you put to vote is an WIP version, plz if you can change it asap.

This is the correct video:

Thanks and sorry for mistake

Voted for bupla. Poor BlenderHead didn’t get any votes. :frowning:
Check out his video. It features some good acting, lighting and animation. :wink:
Cuby, malefico and Dipscom did very well too in my opinion.

- AniCator

Ok I fixed it

thx Musk:)

for me the best is Laxy´s and Maleficio´s but since Laxy´s entry was taken out from voting my vote goes for Maleficio. Just wanted to say that I am really impressed with the quality of the most of the entries, good job guys.

some really awesome stuff here
well done to all

I’m spewing I didn’t see this until March

I would have noticed if it was announced on blendernation
I’ll have to keep an eye out for the next one

Malefico’s got my vote :smiley:

i didn´t reach the deadline because im new in the forums and the “mods” never checked my posts, anyway here is my entry

I reckon that Laxy’s entry is definitely the best. :slight_smile: Shame it didn’t’ fit the rules.


I agree with Cuby and everybody else. But, it may have been fate so the competition would have a more competitive feel. Otherwise everybody would vote for Laxy. I know I would.

Excuse me but who gave grarr28 5 points? Now he has the same amount of points as bubla and even more then Maleficio :slight_smile:

I know my entry wasn’t the best, but did it not stand a chance against some of the others?

It did grarr28, it was more of a joke. Its not like you don’t deserve these points but I was just surprised with the small amount of votes for Maleficio :slight_smile:

Oh the despair! The horror! The disgrace! The disapointment!

grarr28, you are on the top of the race with the others, you should be well proud. Look at poor me. Not a single vote… Next time I will vote for myself if only to save my own honour and hide my shame.

But you wait… All of you. Next one I will be back with a vendetta! Speaking of which… When’s the next one? I really loved working on this, want to start again. I NEED to animate more and this is the way.

Thank you for everybody for making this happen.

Btw, I am actually curios how have me the vote :slight_smile: I promise it wasn´t me

Maybe your girlfirend…

Or your MOM ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Yeah i’m looking forward to the next round as well.

So am I - I didn’t have time for the first one
and then I totally missed the second one

I have started my entry for this one anyway - even though it will be a whole month late
I’ll post a link when I’m done (probably on the weekend)

Hey I just came back from my holidays, and found this. I’m really glad to see such amount of talented people. IMHO, Laxy’s anim rules, and I wouldn’t have disqualified it for voting, even if he “broke” the rules a little bit. The main point here is about animation, a voting viewer should focus on the animation and ignore the added meshes the same way soundtrack should also be ignored.

Best of luck to everyone !

Ok so i check all the videos with no sound (I’m at work anyway) and i’m slip up by malefico and bupla…still not sure on whom to vote!