Blender animation challenge 3 - WIP

Hi, this is my WIP for BAC3.

Some background:

  • The character is a crappy gymnast.
  • The character comes in, bows to the public, climbs the slide, slides down, feeling victorious greets the public and goes out.

So far I’ve worked only in the slide part trying to get the poses and some timing right. Here’s my blocking pass:

Any comments are more than welcome.

Very nice work.

I like the way he pulls himself up with every stride up the ladder. I think he could be a bit more bumbling to emphasize his lack of gymnastic skills. Can’t wait to see more!

Thanks for the comment. The bumbling part sounds interesting, how would you do it?

I would have him slip on one of the steps going up, or perhaps screw up on the landing/dismount

Ok, here’s the latest version. It was getting way too big so I had to cut out some parts.

Added bezier interpolation and it’s pretty much the whole thing. Some things I have to fix:

  • There’s a weird jump right before climbing the slide.
  • His arm pops into the slide barrier when he’s pulling himself down.
  • The standing up animation doesn’t look good.

If anyone catches anything else I’d appreciate if you let me know. Thank you.

I know you cannot change your entries now, but I just wanted to comment- he is blinking way too much. The eye darts were nice and his overall body motion, but blinking just overwhelmed me. I don’t know why no one else noticed.

For help on this, you should download the Animation Mentor Tips & Tricks e-book. It has a very long section on blinks.