Blender animation festival 2009. What about it?


I want to submit a short film, but I realized there’s no info about this year’s animation festival. I found info about participation but it seems it just talks about the conferences.
Well, I want to ask some stuff

-which is the format accepted(resolution, fps, audio compresion, video compression)?
-minimum/maximum time leght, if any of course :slight_smile:
-if sending a cd, may I send the video and audio raw, and separated?
-if submitting, may i upload it to veoh/youtube or through rapidshare/megaupload/sendspace? or I may upload it to an url?
-when is the deadline?
-are this tear the same categories and prizes?

Well, that’s it :slight_smile:


P.S. If this argument is rude in any way, I apologize, is not what I mean.

I got this email from ton Roosendall a few hours ago:

``Sorry, details are still unknown… I’m doing all of the work myself atm (blender 2.5, durian project, conference, foundation work). I have to instruct and help the volunteer who’ll do the festival.

As soon as info is available, it’ll be on our site´



:slight_smile: So we must wait for the info to appear in the web page :slight_smile:
Thank you Ton for responding so fast.