Blender animation flickers on a TV Screen

At the moment I´m working on the design of a song contest for a small TV company (intro, outro, overlays etc.). Now I try to combine the animation with some live action material in Premiere CS3 and surprise: On the preview TV(!)-screen (PAL) very little chessbox-like patterns are visible on some shapes of the CGI material and they flicker even when I don´t play the movie.
On the computer screen and on the display of the DV-Recorder everything looks as it should be. Great colors, not the slightest interference. Interesting is that this flicker does hardly appear in any live action material. I tried some filters and options and various uncompressed formats, but no chance. The animation in the TV is always more bumpy then other pictures.
Is something wrong with the CGI generated colours? Do I have something consider by using

Did you used the PAL preset when rendering the animation in Blender?

Additional to using the PAL or NTSC Preset, it is sometimes a good idea to render fields for the use with TVMaterial.
And if rendering fields make shure you select the correct odd/even setting(or the problems can even go worse).
This is sadly not preserved by the PAL or NTSC Presets in Blender.

Another try could be to change from premultplied to key or vice versa, because different software may expect different imagetypes for an alpha over.
This can produce quite ugly edges in certain circumstances.

Did you try to render a few frames of the final sequence, to make shure this problem is not just related to some kind of realtimeoptimized playback of your system, because if so, it might be not a good choice as a reference.


You should also note that TV doesn´t like lines thinner than 3 pixels, they flicker. So, if you have bordres or details that are thinner than that, they will flicker. The solution for this is to apply a ´´reduce interlace flicker´´ filter, or a vertical blur filter to the cg images. In After FX a vertical blur of 1.5 does the job.

Thank you… very helpfull answers! :slight_smile:
I didn´t try to switch the premultiplied or key option yet. Rendering fields makes fast moving frames pretty ugly (which isn´t notable if you play it on a TV screen) - but the picture seems indeed more stable. Only the flicker inside shapes doesn´t really disappear.
I put a rendered version on Mini-DV and tested a few seconds on some different TV-Screens. The CGI overlay (regardless if it has alpha key or no transparency) flickers (especially on older devices) slightly more than the live action background.
@ jpbouza: Do you mean a simple blur filter, which makes a picture fuzzy? Well I will try it because the movie contains some thin parts.