Blender Animation for Company with Pay (pay>$1000)

Hello Blender fans,

The company I am working for is looking for help with a simple animation in Blender. My boss would like for someone to create an animation of a snake like cylinder where the tip can bend when the user specifies a direction via keyboard or HID input. For your help, we would be willing to pay you in the thousands of dollars range! Looking for a Blender guru!

Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss more.

Hi Cowbell, I am very experienced with Blender, and I have completed several paid jobs from this forum. I am interested as well. I can provide references upon request.

NVM- not available anymore…

I might be interested in doing this if I have time.

I understand that the cylinder will not move but there will be a head that can move in any direction. Please could you perhaps send me some more information.

I am very much interested in the job too.

If you decide to pick my offer let me know via pm so that we can discuss details.

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Hi. I am interested in the work. Check out my portfolio at the link in sign.


Is this just for animation or does this involve programming? I do have a bit of programming experience, but just trying to be clear. My portfolio site is

Hello, if this job is still available, I would be interested. I have experience with the animation and programming side of blender. I have used the game engine to create real time demos that can be controlled using the Microsoft Kinect. I am able to write my own Python scripts, and am also proficient at modelling/texturing, including optimization for the game engine.

Please p.m. me if you are interested

-Andrew Miller

this is very simple to do with the game engine. i think thousands of dollars range is too much. sorry to say it but it’s true. i think you are offering far too much.

watch my previous work with blender.
A link to some of my previous work is here:

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I don’t mean to be a downer, but I have to agree. It does seem to be a bit overgenerous - but as the adage goes: ‘Do not step between a man and his money’.

Something along those lines.

Your basically asking for a simple video game. Well, here is the game that I am currently working on. I think I can surpass your expectations. Here is my portfolio (just a video)

Can it’s really pay can you saw me proof

If this site is paid than this site is really nice

I agree a thhousand dollars is to much to pay you but for a good artist it is little


what you are asking is not supported in video format, though I have seen it done in .gif with encoded sounds. if you mean a game of a simple scene like you just described I can do that in a heartbeat.

would your employer like this for web usage? or PC usage?

I can compile to web, exe and linux or I can send the raw .blend if you like.

I would like to do this. Later today I can show a sample of snake I have done in past.

There is a sample, this one is uv mapped

I have a feeling this project has been completed already. I have a small demo on my website that is similar to your description of a moving object with user input. This is set up in Unity3d but the modeling/textures/animation were all done in Blender.

Have a look and try pressing the arrow keys.