Blender animation references

Hi, I used to have a lot of time today to find out if there is any good examples of Blender used in a cool and realistic character animation with cloth simulation. But I could not find any. Is it really true that Blenders cloth simulation is so hard to use, that there is none good examples of it used in a character animation? There is million examples of the cloth falling on cube or monkey head, or sphere, but none real finished projects.

I started this thread because of my friend. He said that he cannot use Blender if there is not decent cloth simulation that could be used for character animation realistically. At that moment I was sure that of course there is hundreds of examples of the cloth simulation used for character animation, but anymore I’m not so sure since I tried to find even one example…

So, if you have done something cool with this or seen somewhere something cool, please share. :slight_smile: