Blender Animation Sounds

How can I add Sounds to Animations in Blender?
Do I have to use extra programmes to add sounds to animations?

Blender does not mix sound with the output video. This is done in a sepperate program. There are several you could try, including AviSynth. AviSynth is Windows only.

I’m not sure of a suitable Linux editor, though.

If you use Linux, you could try WINE (although, I have not tried it, probably in the last two years, WINE is probably often worth a go).

Hang on Techmeology. That’s not the whole story!

You can use Blender’s built in sequence editor to load in sounds and synchronise them with events in your animation.

Just look at this from the Orange Site showing the sound efx for one sequence:

Blender does not (yet, but I believe soon) multiplex the video and audio signals, but can seperately export a complete soundtrack that’ll synch perfectly with your video track in someother program.

See the manual on using the sequence editor for more info.